Embracing the Odyssey: Bringing Together True Believers for the Future of Robotics

Brad Porter

July 2023

Collaborative Robotics is no longer just a vision – it’s an odyssey that has taken flight, full of tangible, exciting milestones and true believers in our mission. Today I’m thrilled to share that our team has raised a total of $40 million in seed and Series A funding to forge ahead with our vision of transforming businesses with trustworthy collaborative robots (cobots).

We started Collaborative Robotics with the deep conviction that the future of robotics needs to look different than the present. Too many robotics deployments fail. Today’s robotics often require extensive changes to physical infrastructure and operational processes. We physically segregate robots away from our everyday operations. We communicate changes in operational practices through slow-to-deploy software updates.

Just over a year in, we have even deeper conviction that the future of robotics involves collaborative robots working alongside humans. We think continuously about how cobots will establish and maintain trust with their human partners. We’re deeply inspired by the potential for large-language-models to offer a natural and seamless way of interacting and have made great strides here. We see a future where the work of material movement, moving boxes, totes and carts around the world, indoor and outdoor can be seamlessly automated and are building the cobot to do that - a new design that operates just as naturally in a warehouse or factory as a hospital, school, airport or stadium.

A little over a year since our inception, we've built a team of world-class experts, each committed to revolutionizing the world through robotics. Our story isn't just about technology, but the dedicated hearts and minds driving this evolution. Twenty-three strong with over 175 years of combined robotics experience, our team is the heart of Collaborative Robotics.

With today's announcement of our Series A funding, led by Sequoia Capital, we are in an even stronger position to bring our mission to life. Our gratitude towards our anchor investors - Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and Mayo Clinic - as well as our early and new investors who have increased their commitment to us - Neo, Calibrate,, Fuel Capital, and MVP Ventures - is immense. Their faith and investment are not just about the capital, but a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of collaborative robots. Alfred Lin of Sequoia joining our board heralds a new chapter in our journey, and we're eager to embrace his insights and expertise.

The greatest joy and affirmation of our mission comes from the customers we’re now working with - the believers who have trusted us to partner with them to drive operational transformation. Our customers come from diverse sectors: a major global logistics provider, a leading biotech company, and a renowned hospital operator, but they all share a deep belief and commitment to the transformative potential for robots and particularly robots that partner with and work alongside their team as part of their team. To have these deep relationships so early in our journey is a clear testament to the shared vision of harnessing collaborative robotics to elevate human potential.

Our customers challenged us with the problem… how do you start? How do you succeed? To help these customers, we’ve gone back to first principles based on years of experience deploying and scaling robotic systems, to develop our Flywheel program. We came back to a deep conviction that successful robotics programs are fundamentally about leading organizational change. You build momentum through early wins that delivering real-world ROI. And you do it while simultaneously improving the experience for customers and employees. Building trust throughout the process is central to our approach and we’re extremely excited to be partnering with some of the most transformative leaders in their industries.

At Collaborative Robotics, we’re on an extraordinary odyssey to redefine the interaction between humans and robots. The cobots we envision are within reach, and we're committed to driving everyday transformations across multiple sectors.

This is only the beginning. We invite you, whether a robotics enthusiast, a potential customer, or someone curious about the future, to join us.

Let’s embrace the odyssey and build the future together!

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