We use the power of robotics to move the world 

From childhood robots to a vision for the future of human-robot interaction


From early childhood, Cobot founder Brad Porter had a passion for building robots, RC planes and helicopters. His passion and curiosity led him to pursuing Bachelor and Master of Engineering in Computer Science at MIT.

Image by GeekWire / Alan Boyle
Image by GeekWire / Alan Boyle

Deploying robotics and ai platforms at scale

At Amazon, Brad became robotics industry leader by deploying over 500k robots as VP of Robotics and Distinguished Engineer. There he caught a glimpse of a future with hundreds of thousands of robots working in symphony with humans. After Amazon, Brad saw an opportunity to accelerate more ubiquitous autonomy through better data and tooling, leading him to join Scale AI as CTO.

Founding Collaborative Robotics

Experiencing the forefront of robotics and AI technology, Brad saw a vision for a new type of collaborative robot, working alongside humans in every field from manufacturing to logistics to agriculture to municipal services to healthcare to hospitality to everyday chores, that will transform our world. With the vision, in 2022 Collaborative Robotics was founded and Brad assembled a founding team including Jane Mooney and Steph Tryphonas.

The journey so far

Three long-time collaborators come together

Brad reached out to long-time collaborators, Jane Mooney (ex-Amazon) and Steph Tryphonas (ex-Tellme and Microsoft) to begin the journey.

Company is formed

In 2022, the company was formed and Collaborative Robotics was born.

First new hire starts

Sarah Rathbun (ex-Meta and Amazon) and Jack Erdozain (ex-Apple) joined to help build the team and cobot.

Development begins on our new robot

Development and building of the new cobot begins with a team of builders with over 175 years of experience in building robots.

Team grows to 23 experts

For customer success and development and deployment of the cobot, the team grew to 23.

World's most innovative companies become Cobot customers

Cobot Flywheel Program with the world's most innovative companies in biotechnology, healthcare and logistics kicks off.

Series A Raised

Series A raised, backed by Sequoia, Mayo Clinic and Khosla Ventures.

Series B Raised

Series B raised, led by General Catalyst joined by Bison Ventures, Industry Ventures, Lux Capital and existing investors. Michael Vogelsong (ex-Amazon) joins to lead the new AI foundation models team.

Seattle Office Opens

Seattle office opens and a research grant to University of Washington professor Sidd Srinivasa to support advanced AI research.

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