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We are a team of innovators and builders redefining the future of human-robot interaction. We are working to realize a world where robots are a trusted extension of your surroundings. They work, adapt, and react around you. Not the other way around.

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Innovators and builders 

At Collaborative Robotics, we see a world where robots are helpful and trusted collaborators that improve the world around us.

Building robots

We are a group of passionate builders from diverse backgrounds. Trust is the cornerstone of our culture. We lead with trust and collaborate in pursuit of our vision.

Culture at Cobot

Leading with trust, we collaborate through organic conversational interactions listening from each other, and empowering one another to rise to the challenge. We seek to build a culture that fosters inclusive camaraderie and laughter.

Building impact

We are here to make an impact and contribute to building a better future. We share our skills and insight with the community and empower the world's most innovative change agents for greater social impact.

Building careers

The startup journey is an odyssey filled with challenges, victories, and unexpected surprises. We foster an environment that encourages curiosity, resilience, and growth.

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