A new kind of robotics company driven by empathy 

We believe in a future where robots are a trusted extension of your surroundings.

Our products are built on 3 core values


Predictable behaviors that blend naturally with your operations


Brilliant hardware and software that easily adapts to your application and environment


Real-world applicability with real-world return on investment

From warehouse, healthcare, stadiums to offices and everywhere


Human-robot collaboration in healthcare will enhance operational efficiency and elevate the quality of care and compassion for patients. By embracing the transformative potential of cobots, we can work together to create a brighter, healthier future for all.


Flexible, adaptable and scalable cobots will automate the movement of carts, boxes and totes. Trustworthy and useful cobots can reduce labor shortages and high turnover challenges by shifting physically demanding tasks to cobots while improving logistics efficiency.


In large spaces like offices, stadiums, and hotels, our adaptable cobots will facilitate transport, guide guests, and assist with cleaning tasks, engaging naturally within these environments.

And beyond

Look closely around you as you visit a grocery store, a school, an airport, a delivery dock or a moving truck. There are people carrying boxes, totes, trays and pushing carts all around us. We envision cobots will seamlessly and intuitively blend into our surroundings to handle these tasks. Cobots are coming. We plan to be the first.

Image by Arthur Yusufov
Image by Arthur Yusufov

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